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Only from experience are we able to say that when it comes to choosing a base colour, a pattern, and your item of choice to customize... its easier said then done! 

With a multitude of color options, as well as over 80+ patterns in stock (500+ available), we've done our best to collect photos and create a Gallery from the projects done over the years, to help aid the frustration of having too many choices!

If you haven't seen your item in the gallery, we'd love yours to be our first! 

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When nature calls, you answer!

And when it comes to waterfowl hunting, Capital Waterfowling hears the call loud and clear. Over the years, our waterfowl experts have taken their passion for waterfowl hunting and created an exceptional and unparalleled collection of waterfowl hunting gear that will impress even the most hardcore outdoor elitist.

Located at 9 Fahey Street, Belleville ON, K8P 3M5

Kool Koatings Inc. is now fully licensed by RCMP and CFO to work on all Non-Restricted, as well as RESTRICTED firearms. That's right! Even your handguns.

Certified in CERAKOTE, a world-leader in performance

coatings. This ceramic coating has the highest abrasion,

​chemical, and heat resistances on the market.

With a freshly-renovated showroom, customers will quickly

be able to visualize some of the countless options when it

comes to how you plan on making your product KOOL! 





Carbon Fiber



camo and other patterns for dipping of guns and automotive parts etc


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SPECIAL THANKS  to all our supporters, friends and family out there, that have brain stormed ideas, help setup, and overall shared a little sweat here and there. Thank You to Vicki my wife (the best prep person in the industry), my sons Richard and Cody for whom I started this venture for, and to Jeff who has given me inspiration when it was needed most 

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  • Offer up friendly suggestions
  • By only using PREMIUM products in our processing, we're able to firmly stand behind our quality
  • We're sure to meet your expectations
  • With a seemingly endless choice of base colors and patterns, the world is yours to customize your item uniquely every time

Choosing a pattern is made easier then ever for our customers, by having more then 80 top selling patterns in stock, and when you combine that with a multitude of base colour options the world is yours to customize one piece at a time!

Superb quality, service and competitive pricing will makeKool Koatings your customizing destination. Our market-leading products, endless options, state of the art facility combined with our strive for perfection we will have you looking Kool in no time!


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